The Vrouwezand is a classical Dutch flat-bottomed sailingship. She was built in 1903, hence in her second century. The Vrouwezand was used as a cargo ship on the Dutch inland waters till 1976. She sailed English and Danish harbours as a single-masted ship. She was being renovated in 1976 to a 2-mast sailing tjalk and became one of the first ships in the so-called "bruine vloot" ("brown fleet"), which is the Dutch name for quite a large amount of traditional ships, equipped for paying guests.


Yvonne van Scheijen bought the Vrouwezand in 1994 and has been overhauling the tjalk very thouroughly. And now she is a comfortable boat with modern equipment and a up to date safety outfit. An old ship made new!


How did she get her name? Just in front of her hometown, Stavoren, exists a sandbank with the name Vrouwezand. That name is related to a very old story about a "vrouwtje van Stavoren" ("Lady of Stavoren") , a not so nice lady from the middle ages. No doubt the full story will be told aboard. Yvonne likes spinnings a yarn, and it is a coincidence that the ship Vrouwezand has sometimes a female crew.




The inside


Inside the Vrouwezand one finds a very comfortable lounge with a very well equipped kitchen and a professional cooker. There is of course warm water in the kitchen, shower and washroom. In the lounge we have a large dining-table and a small one for having a drink or playing cards. There is a variety of beds to choose from. Different widths and lengths (up to 2,40 metre!). Seperate ladies' and gents toiletrooms. With light, fresh colours and more then enough headroom, it is a spacious ship.









The skipper is Yvonne van Scheijen. She has a degree as a biologist, but sailing has been her passion from childhood on. When she bought the Vrouwezand in 1994 she was able to combine her two interests!

In 2018 we need a new ship-mate, preferable with some experience, and  with a lot of enthousiasm! You'll have to speak German and a little bit of Dutch. You can call 0031-6-22519404;


Third but not least is Rob Goulooze, he was in the merchant navy and for years a skipper as well. He runs the homefront, and is most of the time your contact.